Jane Courtright Walker

Profile Updated: June 22, 2014
Jane Courtright
Spouse/Partner: Bill Bean
Children: Laura, born 1978
Katy, born 1979
Grandchild, Walker, born 2010
Grandchild, Kansas, born More…2012
Jane Courtright


Yes! Attending Reunion

After high school I attended the University of Missouri and Missouri Valley College. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. I earned a Master’s degree from UMKC in Curriculum and Instruction and an Ed.S. in School Administration. My early career was teaching in the Kansas City Missouri School District and I continued to do so until I was promoted to Principal in the early 80’s. During my time as a Principal I oversaw 100 faculty and 1100 students. While in my role as principal, I was able to manage a culturally diverse student population in areas of Kansas City that experience high levels of poverty and challenges getting the education their children need. My school receive an award as one of five schools with the highest level of achievement growth in the entire KCMO School District. I was proud of my time with District but was very happy to retire in 2010. I have two beautiful and talented daughters who have been a great joy to me, Laura and Katy, now 35 and 34. I also have two beautiful and joyful grandchildren, Walker and Kansas, ages 4 and 1. I live in Prairie Village, KS with my two little white poodles, Gatsby and Gordy.

School Story:

I was only there my Senior year but I loved being at Center and had great teachers!!

What year did you start attending a Center District School?


What school and district did you transfer from?

Detroit, Michgan

What car would you have liked to have had during your senior year?

Mustang but they didn't make them yet!

When you were in HS, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse