55th Reunion

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Class of 64
55th Reunion
September 27, 28, 29, 2019

Note: The website software has a few glitches. Friday night and Sunday Brunch have the cost in the title, but are shown as 'free' in the reservation section. This is because we are allowing Pay at the Door. Friday night we are asking a $5 donation. Sunday you pay the restaurant directly. 

Hi, here is information on this year’s class gathering/reunion. We are doing a little more this year. This will give those coming in from out of town more time to reconnect, and elevate this event above what we have been doing. This is essentially a copy of the 45th, with a Friday night party event, a Saturday night dinner, and a Sunday brunch. Why 3 events? There are some that only want to come to a casual party event, some that only want to come to the Saturday night dinner event, and some that want to keep on going into Sunday. And there are quite a few that want to hit all three events. So here we go…..

Friday—Friday night we are at Tanner’s on 119th st just off US 69 (map link) This is in the same general area as the events we had at Kay’s place, so it will be easy to find. Tanner’s is a sports bar with good service, good food and its fun. Most importantly they are letting us have their party room for free. The event starts at 6 PM. We will have four of their appetizer trays available. They will assign us our own waitress. This is also their game room. Shuffleboard, darts, pinball and a pool table. They can adjust the music to anything we want, so look for a night of music from the late 50’s through mid 60’s. There is a good selection of beers on tap. PBR is $3, and they often have other specials. We are asking for a $5 donation at the door to help with the cost of the appetizers. Friday night they also offer a ribeye steak and baked potato for $10.95 Here are their other menu items

Saturday—Saturday night we are back at RC’s. RC’s hosts a lot of Center events including the every other month all-class dinner. They have always worked well with us. Last time we ordered off the menu. This time we will have a buffet.  We have the same two rooms we had for the 45th, with the buffet in one of the rooms. This is their standard chicken dinner buffet with two additional entree’s and a dessert. Cost is $30 per person. We will meet upstairs at 6 PM. Class photo at 6:30, then downstairs to dinner. Afterwards we have the dining rooms as long as we want, and those that wish can return upstairs to our own area. (map link)

Sunday—The Sunday brunch is at Pinstripes on 135th in the Prairie Fire complex.  11:00 AM  Prairie Fire is a high end location of upscale shops and entertainment, including a museum and theatre. Pinstripes also has bowling and Bocce Ball. There are a lot of other great shops in that area, including REI and Von Maur.   (map link) Cost for their brunch buffet is $21.

Reservations and RSVP’s—We need to know what events you are attending so we can be sure and have the space reserved. Please use the Reservations section on our website. If you can’t make it work, or know of someone attending that does not use the internet, please let us know. We can make the reservation for them.

Lodging—For those of you coming in from out of town, there are many lodging options in the area of Metcalf and I-435. This is convenient to all the events. Some have been using the Embassy Suites. There are several other properties in price ranges in both directions: Marriot, Sheraton, Motel 6, Super 8.

Below are a few images from Tanner’s--