Future Reunions Survey

1) Have you attended any of our class reunions?
96.4% (27)    
    3.6% (1)
Total Responses: 28
2) Which ones? (Check all that apply)
10th (1974)
    8.2% (16)
20th (1984)
    9.8% (19)
40th (2004)
    8.2% (16)
45th (2009)
    9.8% (19)
46th (2010)
    5.2% (10)
47th (2011)
    5.2% (10)
48th (2012)
    6.7% (13)
49th (2013)
    6.7% (13)
50th (2014)
    12.4% (24)
51st (2015)
    9.8% (19)
52nd (2016)
    9.8% (19)
53rd (2017)
    8.2% (16)
Total Responses: 194
3) If you have not attended a recent reunion (45th and later), why? (Select one)
I don't like to go to reunions
    4.3% (1)
I like to remember everyone as they were
    4.3% (1)
High schools was not one of my favorite times
    4.3% (1)
Time and event conflicts
I did not have a lot of friends at this high school (late transfer, studies, work, etc)
Too expensive
Question does not apply. I have attended recent reunions.
87.0% (20)    
Total Responses: 23
4) How often do you think we should have reunions or class gatherings? (Select one)
Primary years only (50th, 55th, 60th)
    21.4% (6)
Some sort of event annually
75.0% (21)    
Twice a year
    3.6% (1)
Total Responses: 28
5) What is your preference for time of year for reunions? (Select one)
Fall (last weekend in September)
89.3% (25)    
Winter (January)
Spring (April)
    3.6% (1)
Summer (June)
    7.1% (2)
Total Responses: 28
6) Some years we offer a dinner gathering, and some years a casual gathering. Which to you prefer? (select one)
    25.0% (7)
Both are fun
75.0% (21)    
Total Responses: 28
7) Our major events offer an event on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday. Which do you attend or would like to attend? (Check all that apply)
Friday night
    38.2% (21)
Saturday Night
    43.6% (24)
Sunday (brunch or Picnic)
    18.2% (10)
Total Responses: 55
8) How much are you willing to pay for a major event?
$150 or more if necessary
$50 per person
no more than $75 person if drinks are included, otherwise $60.
Under $100
I'll pay whatever enables the most to participate.
Not a issue but 50.00 to 100.00 seems reasonable
$150 per person
Do not want to attend a major event.
Whatever is needed
Cost does not matter
any reasonable amount
don't have an amount in mind.
$30 per person
20.00a person
Total Responses: 25
9) How much are you willing to pay for our casual annual gatherings?
$50 or more if necessary
$25 per person. usually also bring something
Around $50
$35 - $40 (same as above}
Not a issue
Dinner per person
Same as above
$30 - $40/person
Same as above
25.00 ea
any reasonable amount
$25 per person
12.50 per person
Total Responses: 25
10) Which methods do you use for class updates? (Check all that apply)
I view the website
    32.1% (18)
Website announcements and messages
    39.3% (22)
The Center1964 Gmail messages
    28.6% (16)
I don't use the Internet. Please contact me by phone or mail.
Total Responses: 56
11) Please send us your comments about future events
The main purpose of an event should be to get a chance to talk to classmates you only get a chance to visit with except for these gatherings. If so, then of most importantance is a gathering place conducive to mingling.
While I live in Oregon, I try to make them, I have 5 kids spread around the midwest and combining trips to see them all is challenging. Much thanks to the committees and administrators of the class. You are doing a terrific job !
Our committee hadn't discussed April: winter's over, it's not June, snowbirds are back home. The 3rd weekend in Sept might work, too. We don't leave for the winter, so all dates are fine for us. Future events: casual events, even for the 55th & 60th, to keep the cost down.
Committee doing a great job. Even though I live in Rockford, IL, still have K. C..sister, making trip doubly great.
Keep up the good work
I love getting together. The photo trivia contest was fun! I would like to continue to be involved with the planning.
All of our events have been fun for me. Maybe your survey will open some new direction for get-togethers. I enjoy both the major events and casual ones. Some classmates might enjoy a little bit of background music played during events. It will be interesting to see what ideas the survey turns up. I'm flexible. May I fill out the survey more than one time.
Getting together is the fun,venue does not really matter
If you are having an event that requires us to pay for the room there are members of the class that have indicated they would make a contribution to help cover the costs
Would like to see more classmates attend. Also in favor of talking about combining our class with those classes before and after us. 63 & 65
I like casual get togethers and time for visiting. I love it when the two Dons lead the program with a few words.
Love the casual relaxed gatherings with no loud music or dancing anymore and we can just visit with everyone. I heard that Gary Berbiglia really hosted a great venue. I wish that I could have attended.
Thanks for trying to keep everyone up to date and INTERESTED in our class......
I have been to only one reunion, and that was only to fulfill my community service to the elderly!! One of these days I would enjoy going to another event (s). I am not a joiner, but sincerely enjoy seeing those from a distant generation. I am saddened to hear about Don Snoddy. Though I did not know Don very well, I wish him well, and a complete recovery! Harvey Oxman
Total Responses: 14